The Monster Movie The Raking Wraps Production

June 26, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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A group of college students have set out to debunk an urban legend in The Raking, directed, co-written, and starring Bryan Brewer. The film has now wrapped post-production and its first teaser released.


From the Press Release:

Los Angeles production company Lesson 1 Entertainment is proud to announce the completion of post-production on The Raking, an independent feature horror film starring Bryan Brewer, Cree Kelly, Allie Rivera, Thatcher Robinson, Marisa Davila and Marshal Hilton (The Bunnyman Massacre). 

Directed by star Brewer from the script he co-wrote with writer and producer Laura Heine, Brewer also produces with Rivera under their Lesson 1 Entertainment banner. 



A group of college students set out to debunk an urban legend in Joshua Tree, California, for their thesis, only to find that they have now become part of the legend themselves.


We are excited to announce the film’s completion and to release the first teaser trailer of The Raking,” Rivera said. “We hope monster fans will dig it as much as we enjoyed making it.”


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The star creature in the film, based on the legend of The Rake, was created by FaceOff’s Eric Fox of Morbx FX and relies on practical effects. Creature Actor Alan Maxson brought the monster to life.


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