[TV Review/Recap] SCREAM: The Vanishing

August 3, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Last nights SCREAM the killer added another head to his demented list of victims and the SCREAM fandom went in a frenzy as Noah was seemingly about to be next to die. Opening with Maggie discovering a freshly stitched wound on Piper’s body after it was brought back into police custody. As Maggie unsealed the wound she was met by a pig’s heart, which gives a call back to the first season, which begs the question WHY a pig? Is it like a metaphor? Like “Maggie this is your heart, you are a pig!”. Well no. It has to do with something Sheriff Acosta and Maggie did in their youth.


While we speculate, lets continue on EVERYTHING that went down last night. Emma had a one on one with Audry on why she brought Piper to Lakewood. Audry during this reveals to Emma she was with Piper the night Rachel (Audry’s GF) got murdered and the fact she knew she was with Piper the night her girlfriend died is the reason she didn’t believe Piper was the killer. Oh and get this, Audry knew Piper was Emma’s half-sister, while Emma and her were rekindling. Dang Audry!


Noah got ahold of Zoe after she ditched class after their night before “time together” and the two make plans to meet by Wren Lake. As Zoe taunts Noah with a flirtatious game of text-fueled hot and cold it’s soon revealed Zoe isn’t the one texting Noah, it’s the Killer. Which means Noah got his first call from the killer and let me tell you MTV did a sweet Scream 2 Randy Meeks homage. As Noah ran for his life the masked killer then stabbed him deep. Noah, seemingly dying, passes out. During this Emma and Audry get a text featuring a link to live-stream, the feed when clicked on bestowed Noah awakening inside a coffin, losing oxygen every second, discovering he was buried alive and discovering the Killer was recording his death (hence the live stream). As Noah was slowly dying he heard cries for help by Zoe which then in-turn ignited his will to survive and to save her, but he soon figured out it was worthless. He couldn’t escape. The Killer during this texts Emma and Audry something along the lines of “Noah Thought He Had All The Answers. Find Out Where He Went Wrong”. This then lead Emma and Audry to Noah’s room where they found a letter which stood the instructions on how to find Noah on Noah’s murder board (hence Noah’s answers). As Emma discovered the Killer’s clue “Find Out What’s Behind Noah’s Obsession” pinned on the board as not instructions but a riddle. This then lead Emma to search behind Noah’s board and discovered a daffodil, Audry then translated the flower as a clue to go down to an old abandoned barn where a field of them grow. The same barn Emma and her met. The same barn her and Piper would chat, the same place she revealed to Piper was her and Emma’s special place and the same place Jake was murdered. This then reveals the ONLY way the Killer would even know to go there was that Audry told Piper, and Piper told her accomplice. But whose behind the mask?


During this Sheriff Acosta makes it down to Brandon James old house. As Acosta’s and Maggie’s plot thickens, we discover during a flashback by Acosta, Maggie and him took Brandon James back home and during the transport his knife fell from his hands. The same knife he used to kill??? Acosta and Maggie then during the flashback buried the knife, and vowed silence, but why??? As Acosta comes back to reality he searches the abandon home only to find a loose gallery of shots from Emma’s childhood left loosely on the table behind a roll-down bed sealed room. As Acosta searches, the Killer watches in the wings. But by wings I mean the woods. Acosta then makes it back to the station, where he then confronts Maggie on his investigation and announces to her, Brandon James might be back.


While the Sheriff is getting to the bottom of whose behind the mask, Noah is slowly dying. As he hallucinates Zoe’s company things began to look bleak, as to if he will survive. As Audry and Emma are met by a fly-subletted corpse of a pig, this leads them to hear the dying voice of Noah trying to keep himself calm during his last minutes of life. In a up-lifting scene, as the clock’s seemingly rung their final hour for Noah, Emma and Audry un-earthed his coffin and let fresh air enter his lungs once more. As Noah escapes, the sound of Zoe’s screams alert Audry and Emma to re-scope the ditch Noah was buried in and during of which they discover a cigar box with a video recording playing on a phone of Zoe trapped inside a coffin like Noah but this time submerged in water. As Noah bleeds out in the back seat of Emma’s car and the three make it to Wren Lake where they presume Zoe is, this discover her coffin. As they presume as well, the video of her screaming for breathe was live feed like Noah’s was, they soon discover she drowned inside the coffin, and is dead.


During all of this, the Sheriff along with Maggie and a squat make it down to the barn where Noah just was unearthed, after the Sheriff got a tip from the Killer himself [or herself]. The squat then makes it down to Wren Lake, where Noah gets carted into an ambulance and Zoe packed into a body bag. As Emma and Audry recollect what just happened and the Killer’s game seemed to be done for the night, an the Killer re-ignites fear into Emma and Audry for one last call for the night. As the night ended and Emma was in bed, Emma revealed to her mother Maggie as she delivered aspirin to her, the Killer’s game. This then alerted Maggie to try and save her daughter and also find out if Brandon James returned. In an attempt to see if he returned Mags stuck a note and in her and Brandon’s special place [ as revealed in season one]. But who came for the note? Eli. And what was revealed to be in the place of the note when Maggie returned? Her necklace from Brandon with her birth name carved into it that was revealed in the first season. Did we just uncover Eli is just up to his creepy stalker self or did it reveal he’s the killer?

Quick note: Audry’s anger and the reason she vented to Piper that Emma was a b!tch was because she fell in love with Emma and Emma turned her away.
The Fuel rates this episode 9/10 stars

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