An Interview With Bryan McClure Of Hawaii 5-0 And The New Web Series Strings

September 6, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Recently, I spoke with Bryan McClure (Hawaii 5-O) about his role in the ongoing horror webseries Strings, which centers on a group of teen who wake to find that they have been kidnapped and tied to together. The series is directed by Stephen David Brooks and co-stars Taylor Hay, Paul Stevans, Bryan McClure, Saige Ryan, Joey Luthman, and Viner, Nik Keswani.


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Horror Fuel: “Please tell us about the Strings series.”

McClure: “Strings is about a group of teens that find themselves waking up tied up and bound in a room. They’re trapped there and being forced to solve the clues of an unknown assailant who’s picking them off one by one. With a timer in place, they all strive to beat the clock in order to get out alive.




Horror Fuel: “If you will, please tell us about your character.”

McClure: “I play street-smart Rikers Smith. I don’t play well with the group, but that’s because I’m usually one step ahead of them. I’m often rash and quick to act, which can potentially cause for some pretty disastrous situations.”


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Horror Fuel: “How did you get involved?”

McClure: “I got involved with this project because my manager, Peter Scott, sent me the audition. I happened to be in Atlanta at the time and the project was filming in Los Angeles, so I had to put myself on tape. They loved my taped audition so much they cast me right off the tape without ever having met me in person.”


Horror Fuel: “How different is it filming a web series versus making a TV, like when you appeared on Hawaii 5-O, for example?”

McClure: “Well, the budget of the web series projects I’ve worked on have been quite different so that definitely dictates a number of things on set. Hawaii 5-0 was a very big budget production, so they had a lot of professionals on set, so everything was a lot quicker pace as a result. But there are benefits to a smaller set too, for instance, it’s easier to get to know people on set.”


Horror Fuel: “What is your favorite and least favorite part about filming?”

McClure: “My favorite part is actually getting to do what I love. And playing. Seeing what kinds of rich things come up in the moment that weren’t planned and really rolling with them. My least favorite part would probably be when it ends. That’s always hard cause you’ve worked so hard with a group of people towards a common goal, so you’ve grown very close with them. That and I’m not a huge fan of night shoots. I’m such a morning person.”


Horror Fuel: “Will there be another season of Strings?”

McClure: “I’ve heard mumblings of a second season script and possibly an outline for a 3rd season in the works. We’re hoping we get enough viewership to warrant getting more episodes. At least for those of us that are still alive…


Horror Fuel: “Do you have any other projects in the works?”

McClure: “I do. I’m working on a sci-fi series called “Space Command“, which is a lot of fun. Some really great people on that set. I get to fly our spaceship.

Also, I just wrapped on a project called “Moon Shine Still” with great talents like Nick Blood “Agents of SHIELD”, Lydia Wilson “Star Trek Beyond” and Madeline Brewer of “Orange is the New Black”.”


Horror Fuel: “What is your favorite horror film and why?”

McClure: “Hmmmm. The classics like original “Halloween” are really creepy. “Scream” was quite memorable as well. “The Ring” really freaked me out! And the relative recent movie “The Cabin in the Woods” was very unpredictable and creative.”


Be sure to visit the Strings series’ official website and YouTube channel where you can watch episodes, as well as the official Twitter and Facebook pages.



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