[FILM REVIEW] SpaghettiMan’ Is Reminiscent To Deadpool’ In A Good Way

September 8, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG


In the wake of the box office hit starring Ryan Reynolds, adapted from a Marvel Comic (written/illustrated by Rob Liefeld and Fabien Nicieza), Deadpool, Spaghettiman’ was born. The film in which I felt nearly took the modern era comedy streak Deadpool dabbled with and tweaked it for its own good. And it worked. The outrageous story of man becoming a hero from eating a bowl of old-spaghetti warmed through an defective microwave proved to be a laugh riot!

The super film, bestowed to this reviewer a perfectly casted and well rounded film that begs for a sequel, but will one really do it justice? Films like these seem to do quite good with out one. Though, the performance by Benjamin Crutcher did particularly make this reviewer reminsiant of that of Ryan Reynolds’ performance in Deadpool’, whether it be the script or actor.

Spaghettiman’ though some would say “is too ridiculous to be a film concept” proved to be a laugh riot and an original story. I sat through to the end to find [MINOR SPOILER] SpaghettiMan be two timed by his friend, save a pregnant lady, die and return even more super than before AND mange to not lose interest once. The character development of Crutcher’s character Clark particularly had a hand in this: as his transition from wise cracking job-hopping moucher to crime-fighting wise-cracking moucher became apparent and delivered to the public the message that even if you’re a loser, maybe one day you’ll be a hero.

But as I digress: Sorry Spaghettiman, the only things that set you and Deadpool apart is: a defective Microwave

Starring a bevy of comic talent, including Benjamin Crutcher, Winston Carter, Brand Rackley, Joe LoCicero and Leigh Wulff, Spaghettiman screens at Los Feliz Theatre on Saturday September 24. Also available on digital in the Fall. Further screenings to be announced in future weeks.


The Fuel Rates This: 3.5/5 stars





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