New Documentary To Explore The Legendary Werewolf Of Cannock Chase

January 8, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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werewolf_2If there is one thing I love as much as horror movies, it’s horror documentaries. One topic in horror documentaries that seems to be lacking is that of werewolves, but UK paranormal investigator Damon Simms is aiming to add a film on that very subject.




Simms writes a column for the Stoke Sentinel titled ‘Supernatural Staffordshire’.  When he is not writing he spends much of his time researching the unexplained mysteries and the myths that revolve around the area. One of the most interesting cases is that of the “Werewolf of Cannock Chase’, a creature that has had countless sighting in the county.




Simms’ research on the werewolf is traced back the year 1975. That year a boy in the town of Eccleshall claimed that he used a Ouija board to strike a deal with the devil to change him into a werewolf. Soon after, the boy began to act strangely. He began acting like a wild animal and even growling after he told a friend of the deal he had made with the devil. Reports say that the boy took his own life with a silver blade. The sightings then began. The “official” reports that most of the sightings of the beast center around the local German War Cemetery. Cannock Chase has more than just reports of a werewolf, Simms states that it is “one of Britain’s most active paranormal hotspots”.

Simms’ column caught the eye of the production company Eleven Films, who are currently producing a new paranormal series, Blumhouse has reported. The company is talking with Simms about airing an episode dedicated to the “Werewolf of Cannock Chase”and other potential episodes featuring the legends of the area, including “Black Eyed Children” and the “Pig Man”. I look forward to learn more.

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