Actress-Director Sadie Katz Talks About Hillbillies, Killer Cats, And Being A Goddess In An Interview

January 17, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Today, I sat down for an interview with actress-director Sadie Katz, for what turned out to be one of the most entertaining interviews I have ever had.

Katz has starred in many roles including a drug thief in ‘House of Bad’,  Sally in ‘Wrong Turn 6’, the Goddess Ishtar in the remake of ‘Blood Feast’, and a wife desperate for love in the upcoming creature feature ‘Moggy Creatures’. Katz has also co-starred in many other films like ‘State of Desolation’ and ‘Way to Abbottabad’. Her own documentary, ‘The Bill Murray Experience’ will be screening in film festivals soon.


Horror Fuel: “Did your co-stars in ‘Wrong Turn 6’ freak you out at all while in makeup?”

SK: “It’s really funny, the three baddies, they never came out without makeup on, which is really strange. They are always in character. Every time I saw them I was like this so weird. They never talked. They just kind of grunted and everything. I never heard their actual voices. When they were in the scene where they have to kill a character and pull her legs apart and take the kill. They weren’t supposed to kill her yet so I had to go up and get in there face. I was like, ‘Okay, Sally’s got to get really nuts,’ I was so close, I’m smelling his breath and everything. So, the scene goes great. A couple of days later, I’m sitting out on the lawn having lunch and I look over and see this really handsome guy walking out of one of the trailers. I look over and I notice his eyes. I turned to my makeup artist and said ‘Hey, who the hell is that guy?’. She starts laughing and said ‘You did a scene with him all day yesterday.’ And I go, ‘You’re f*cking kidding me!’ [Laughter] I go running over screaming ‘I know who you are!’, and jump on him. It was hilarious [laughter]. But they were really scary on set.”

Horror Fuel: “So he was hot? I have a hard time picturing that. In the movies they are so grotesque.”

SK: “Oh yeah, all three of them are sexy. [Laughter] They actually take turns playing the parts. On different sequels they’ve switched. But they are actually really sexy guys. It’s so crazy, they stay in character. I tried to make them, but they never broke character.”



Horror Fuel: “I noticed there are a lot of supernatural films on your resume. Is that a preference or a coincidence?”

SK: “It just happens that way. I think I’m a really good crier. I also don’t mind going to dark places. So, I have a lot of fun with that. I’m not always the first person to be considered to play a nice sweet mom character, and that’s okay. It’s just where I keep gravitating. I’m glad for that.

If the train continues, I think I might be playing an astronaut that kind of crash lands on Earth, I think it’s Earth. Which really excites me, getting to play a role in a fantasy environment. I just read the script and I was like, ‘Wow, this is really great.” It’s such a cool clever script.”



Horror Fuel: “Tell us about Moggy Creatures.”

SK: “It’s a fun creature feature. Scott Frazelle is fantastic. One of the things that impresses me most is that he is using practical effects. I’m happy to support Moggy Creatures in crowdfunding because is a great script that is really about a husband and wife and these hairless creepy cats. It’s bigger than just your regular horror film.”



Horror Fuel: “What role will you be playing?”

SK: “I will be playing the wife, who is a photographer. Her husband has a new job and he’s trying to be more in the loop, but she is struggling. Like a lot of women she is going through a loss. It’s about the fragility of a woman. Nothing is scarier than a broken woman. She is looking for something to fill the void and creates this bond with a cat. Scott could have made the film cheesy, but didn’t. It’s Hitchcockian. In a lot films women are just things that the killer kills. In Moggy Creatures she has a real story. I love that.”

Horror Fuel: “What was your first thought when you saw the cats?”

SK: “They looked like giant wrinkled penises. [Laughter] They feel like giant wrinkled penises. [Laughter] My second thought was, why doesn’t anyone else done more cat horror movies? Have you ever seen a hairless cat? They’re freaky and terrifying.”

Horror Fuel: “Cat are a bit creepy in general. You can’t tell what they are thinking.”

SK: “I know, right?”

Our conversation trailed off about cats for a good half an hour before we got back on subject.




Horror Fuel: “What was it like to play the Goddess Ishtar in Blood Feast?”

SK: “It was fun. We shot in Germany and Paris. Everyone referred to me as “Goddess” on set. The director, Marcel Walz, gave me a long wig and this little chain thing that covered my “whoohaa”. [Laughter] I was like, ‘Where’s my wardrobe?’ and he was like, ‘That’s it’.

It was actually really, really wonderful. It’s unique and beautiful and disgusting. It’s so gory. There was always someone’s head or something laying around the set. Once they passed around this heart asking if we thought an actress would be able to eat it. It’s funny, this is one of the two movies that I’ve been in that they passed out barf bags at screenings.

We filmed one scene in a S&M club. I looked around and noticed a chain with toilet paper hanging from it. The room was used for, well, golden showers if you know what I mean. I wonder how much they have to pay the person that has to clean it every night. [Laughter] It was clean though. There were other rooms too. I tried to get some people to go back later just to see what goes on there. I’m curious like that. I wanted to investigate. [Laughter] But no one would go with me.

I have a 15 year old son named Griffin. One of his friends told me he couldn’t watch Blood Feast because his girlfriend said you can see my boobs in it. But when we are watching something like that that I am in, I’ll tap him on the shoulder and he’ll turn his head so he can’t see.”

Horror Fuel: “Great, now I will associate Ishtar with golden showers, lovely. [Laughter] I hope you were wearing shoes. [Laughter]”

SK: “[Laughter] I had great shoes. It’s a beautifully shot film though.”



Horror Fuel: “How does your son feel about you being an actress?”

SK: “He’s grown up with it. I worked in a theater when he was young. He’d sleep in the theater.  I think it kind of ruins the magic of movies though. When he sees me in a movie crying, that’s hard for him. He’s like, ‘That’s not real, you’re such an ugly crier. I did this thing for Lifetime, it was really uncomfortable for him. If he sees me screaming it’s difficult for him. When he really likes something I did, he’s like ‘I’m really proud of you. You did good.’ and he’ll kiss me on my forehead. He’s awesome. When I’m fed up and saying ‘That’s it, I’m done, I’m out’, he’s like ‘You’ll never quit. You’ll be like that old lady in The Titanic’. He thinks it’s cool though.” [Laughter]


Horror Fuel: “Besides Moggy Creatures, do you have any other films in the works? I’ve heard about .”

SK: “After working for several years, my documentary ‘The Bill Murray Experience’ is finally done. It’s opening the Hollywood Florida Film Festival. There will also be a screening at AMDOCS.

State of Desolation, a post-apocalypse zombie film, will be out soon. I play Deirde, an evil woman. There’s Night Shift, which is coming out. And there is Hybristophilia. I play a serial killer in that one.”

Horror Fuel: “You’ve been busy. I look forward to seeing your films.”



Sadie was a real pleasure to talk with. She has an infectious laugh and an intense love for acting. She’s hilarious, with a dark sense of humor that you can’t help but find endearing. Sadie is an actress whose career you need to be following. I expect we are going to be seeing a lot great roles in her future.

Keep an eye out for Katz’s upcoming films ‘Moggy Creatures‘, ‘State of Desolation‘, and ‘Night Shift’.

For more on Sadie Katz’s films be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find out more about her documentary ‘Bill Murray Experience’ by following the official page on Facebook and on the film’s Instagram page.

To learn more about ‘Moggy Creatures’ visit the official website and check out my interview with writer-director Scott Frazelle.


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