5 nights

Five Nights at Freddy’s Film to Be Released from Blumhouse

If four games in two years wasn’t enough, fans of acid trip Chuck E. Cheese Franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s now have a film to look forward too, with none other than Blumhouse producing. While the Freddy film rights were purchased by Warner Bros. years ago, this is the first real step of progress we’ve seen in production, with game creator Scott Cawthorn tweeting out this image.


     A chair and a logo; so not much to go on, but hey, its a start. There’s more than enough creepy imagery in the Five Nights Series to fill out a film, and while I’m sure Blumhouse will end up using CGI, the idea of actual animatronic monsters makes the horror geek in me drool. Let’s just hope there isn’t as many jump scares in the movie as there are in the game; I don’t need any more heart palpitations than I already got.