Teenage Ghost Punk is Available Now! Terrifying and Hilarious, Don’t Miss It

April 8, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Ever heard of a ghost who pilfers Ramones albums? Encounter a prankstergeist … who plays a Fender Telecaster? See dead teenagers play poker? You will now.
Teenage Ghost Punk is now on Digital HD, Cable VOD and MOD debutThis quirky, funny and hilarious love/ghost story is a must see!

Writer/Director – Mike Cramer is thrilled about his second movie and brigs in a great cast of newcomers including Grace Madigan, Jack Cramer, and Noah Kitsos.
As soon as a wholesome high school cheerleader, her genius little brother and divorced mom move to a creaky old house outside Chicago, strange things start to occur: old punk records go missing, raging guitar riffs rattle the night. A little scared and a lot bewildered, the cheerleader recruits a bumbling paranormal investigation team and a quirky medium, only to discover on her own that her house is haunted — by the ghost of a charming teenage punk rocker and his fun-loving spectral pals. When the past and present collide, how will she solve her future? Youthful newcomers Grace Madigan, Jack Cramer and Noah Kitsos light up the night in this gorgeous indie film shot in a 126-year-old Victorian house in a neighborhood that may well be haunted by former residents including Ernest Hemingway and Frank Lloyd Wright.
One of the coolest things for me about this movie is that it is filmed in a house that he owners claim is legitimately haunted!
Also available to rent or own on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, XBox, FlixFling, DirecTV, Comcast, FiOS, AT&T and more…there is no reason to miss out on this head banging ghost story.

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