Aaron Hernandez – Murderer and NFL All Star Commits Suicide

April 19, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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I do a lot of articles on murderers and crimes, but usually they are of historic persons and people whose stories have been told over and over again to people who follow this sort of thing.  I have the sad opportunity today to cover something very recent and ongoing.
In the fourth round of the 2010 NFL draft, the New England Patriots drafted an NCAA National Champion All-American, John Mackey Award winning (an award given to the nation’s top college tight end) blue chip prospect named Aaron Josef Hernandez.  This draft pick was highly scouted and a great pick.  He didn’t get drafted earlier because of continually failing drug tests and violence problems while attending The University of Florida.  With these issues in mind, Hernandez signed a very lucrative 4-year contract filled with financial incentives to “walk the straight and narrow line.”
His promising player was the youngest player on any active roster to start the 2010 season, and showed signs of inhuman talent and athleticism.  Hernandez played so well that two years into his contract, The Patriots gave him an early contract extension for an additional five years and included a 12 million dollar signing bonus.
Despite his new fortune and dominance on the field, Hernandez’s personal life was in shambles.  He was in near constant problems with bar fights from the time he was 17 and was a suspect in 2007 when 5 shots were fired into a bar by an unknown gunman.
Hernandez was found guilty of carrying unlicensed firearms during a 2013 double homicide, but was found innocent of the actual murders…this was a small victory as he was already serving lie without the possibility of parole for murdering Odin Lloyd.

Odin Lloyd

Odin Lloyd

On June 17, 2013, Lloyd was shot and killed in an industrial park one mile away from Hernandez’ house.  Based on insurmountable evidence including texts from both Hernandez and Lloyd to various friends and family members, Aaron Hernandez was arrested and found guilty of first degree murder and five other gun-related charges.  90 Minutes after his arrest, Hernandez was released from the New England Patriots roster.
Today, April 19, 2017 – two days after Hernandez was found innocent of the 2013 double homicide – the 27 year old Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his cell with the John 3:16 scrawled across his forehead.  Cause of death at this time is ruled as suicide by asphyxiation.
Such a tragic story of someone who literally couldn’t get a handle on his own life.  A violent, angry murderer who took his own life.  I am honestly unsure of how I feel about all of this.  I hate the crimes and I think that everything he was convicted of and everything he got away with was absolutely horrific, but I also feel pain for anyone who is so lost and hopeless that they see no solution to whatever torments their mind and soul.

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