Interview With Director Andy Muschietti, A Look Inside 29 Neibolt St. & The Remake Of IT

September 9, 2017

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Article, interview, and video by Jezlan Moyet, host of Fabulous TV

I was fortunate to truly experience IT, with a sneak peek of one of the most hotly anticipated horror films ever, a tour of 29 Neibolt St., and a one on one interview with Director, Andy Muschiettti. 27 years later, he is fueling the horror Hollywood has been craving. Check IT out here:

IT is ‘Goonies’ meets gore. A revived and reimagined classic horror that is fun, adventurous, and truly terrifying. With a cast that has undeniable chemistry, this story left an unforgettable mark on my soul in a way that makes me grateful Stephen King doesn’t know me or my greatest fear!
IT is now playing in theaters nationwide. For more interviews from Fabulous TV visit their website and subscribe to their YouTube channel. Be sure to follow Jezlan Moyet on Instagram.

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