Questions Are Answered, A Review Of ‘Resident Evil 7’s DLC, ‘Not A Hero’

December 12, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

I waited until midnight of the 12th and got the free DLC ‘Not a Hero’, installed it and played it. The only complaint I had about the game was that it was an hour long, being a free download I guess there’s really nothing to be too upset about.
The controls for the game are the same as the main story but you’re equipped with only two weapons, a high powered pistol, and a semi-automatic shotgun. You also have a knife and grenades. The options you set up for the main story carry over into the DLC (screen brightness, subtitles, language, etc).
Onto the story (Possible Spoilers) first thing, if you have not played the main story, play that first or else the ‘Not a Hero’ makes no sense. The story takes place immediately after the events of the main story. You play as Chris Redfield, a veteran character from the game series, before I continue I’ll address the big question many fans had at the end of the main story, why is Chris there, why did he arrive in a helicopter with a blue Umbrella Co. logo? Well, the answers to those questions are answered in the beginning of the game, literally just before the game starts, the loading screen has a brief write up, plus you have in your inventory a couple documents that you can read that pretty much sums up everything. Umbrella is no longer a Pharmaceutical company; it’s a Private Military Contracting company now dedicating to stopping the production and sale of bio-weapons, some of which were originally made by Umbrella. Redfield is reluctantly present to offer his assistance on behalf of the organization the BSAA.

Your Target: Lucas Baker

Redfield is at the Baker estate to not only rescue Ethan (the main character in ‘Resident Evil 7′) but he’s also there to help apprehend Lucas Baker, the mad scientist’s son who doomed his own family to become exposed to the “Molded” caused by Eveline. While exploring the salt mines that run under the estate, Redfield encounters more of the “Molded”, humanoid creatures made up of a mysterious black mold, Toxic gasses, and traps made by Lucas. Players will also encounter a new variant of the “Molded” this time they’re made up of mysterious White spores and can’t be killed with regular bullets. There are a couple of moments where you have to search your surroundings to solve puzzles that Lucas has set up and to find out more about what Lucas is up to and who he is working for.

A familiar creepy sight, back to haunt you.

With that, the DLC is my opinion is worth the download and again, it’s free so you literally have nothing to lose by downloading it. There is one thing that bugs me, in the beginning of the DLC the way Redfield and his helper over the radio were talking, they knew Ethan was going to be at the Baker estate, just like how at the end of the main story Ethan said to Redfield that they (Umbrella) took their time. Leaving the question if Ethan is BSAA, Umbrella or part of something else we’re not aware of yet. I guess we’ll have to see, it was confirmed by Capcom that there’s a sequel already in the works. Maybe more answers will come. My final tally, out of five stars, four and a half, it’s a good one.

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