There’s A ‘Harry Potter’ Easter Egg In ‘Dying Light: The Following’… And It’s Spooky!

January 5, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

I’ve been playing Dying Light for a while now as well as its DLC The Following. Amazing game, but eventually I got a little bored and wanted to find a way to make it interesting, so I was looking around the internet to find information on some Easter Eggs. One that jumped out to me was a Harry Potter Easter Egg in Dying Light: The Following where they say that under the stairs of this creepy abandoned house is the famed Boy Wizard’s bedroom while he lived with his Muggle relatives.
I found a picture showing where the house in question was located in which I hopped into my buggy and drove to the location, running over zombies that got in the way. After arriving at the abandoned hovel I walked inside and true enough, compared to other houses you can enter, it was abandoned and spooky.
Note Spoilers ahead after the picture of the map!

Location of the House, it’s “T” shaped on the map.

Once I explored the inside and confirmed it was completely empty I proceeded to the door under the stairs. Opening it right away I’m met with a broom on the wall, turning I saw a bed with a witches hat (Sorting hat) and on the nightstand was the famed round-rimmed glasses of the “Boy Who Lived”. So what’s the first thing I do after discovering the room…LOOT IT! No big scores, just a jewelry box and a tin can.

My attention was then drawn to the shelf on the wall where there’s a funny looking skull. Looking at it gives you the option to interact with it so after pressing the button many times, the skull spun around and creepy music started to play, to quote from another fandom, “It’s A Trap!” The shutters on the ground floor start to slam shut prompting me to leave Harry’s room and being met with a surprise falling from the ceiling, a ghost armed with a sword!

Out of reflex, I pulled out the semi-auto shotgun, that I use when something spooky happens, and as I pulled the trigger a thought popped in my head, “Wait, would a shotgun kill a ghost?!”, well, from the blood on the screen and “Nearly Headless Nick” on the ground I would say yes. Feeling it was time to leave, I find that the front door is locked and had no choice but to go upstairs on the second floor where there is a room with a skylight I could climb out of.
Getting upstairs to the room where I can leave, a door that previously would not move slams open and another sword-wielding ghost comes charging at me. After Avada Kedavraing the spirit back to the Wizarding world’s equivalent to hell, I find a toolbox with a can of spray paint in it, this usually means it’s a new paint job for your buggy you drive around. Well, I took it and made my escape out of the house.
Well, I may have had my nerves rattled a little bit after that experience but at least I got a new sweet paint job on my ride, time to take out more zombies…or Deatheaters…or Dobby…whoever I run into first.

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