Is The “Fully Nude” Walker A Bad Sign For ‘The Walking Dead’?

February 15, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

AMC’s zombie series The Walking Dead will be returning February 25th where the remaining fan base can see what happens to Carl and hopefully the conclusion of the war between Rick and Negan, the longest confrontation of the show. This confrontation may also be possibly the reason why last season’s rating was low. After the heartbreaking mid-season end that’s leaving many fans confused about the fate of Carl who was bitten by a walker (honestly I think fans will be disappointed since Chandler Riggs has since cut his hair and is attending college.).
With many “what ifs” being put out on the internet trying to woo fans back to the series that seems to be running in circles and no longer progressing, it appears yesterday the show’s writers have reached desperation to attract fans. They will have a fully nude walker. Right now many people are leaning closer to the computer screen saying “go on…” while many others are collectively face-palming because we may be witnessing what is known as “jumping the shark”.
What does not help is that the production won’t say when or even if this nude walker will appear this upcoming season which makes it look like they’re forcing fans to come back to watch and wait and see any zombie dangly bits. The question remains, is the number one show on Sunday nights running out of ideas? Is the reoccurring story arc taking its toll on the show’s creators? Are more and more fans becoming disappointed that the show that’s supposed to be about surviving the zombie apocalypse, really isn’t? If people still like the show that’s fine, I don’t judge, but the signs are pointing towards a point of no return for the show.
A hail mary needs to be played if it wants to go past 8 seasons as according to Forbes a drama caps around 8-12 seasons, we’re on season 8 and we have a story running in circles and a promise of a nude zombie and now contract negotiations are breaking down with actress Lauren Cohan… not looking good.

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