Who’s Next To Go On ‘The Walking Dead’?

February 28, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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With the lackluster departure of Carl, the main focus of  AMC’s top-rated show The Walking Dead, fans are now worried about if their favorites are even safe anymore! All that Chandler Riggs was doing was going to college and the writers lamely killed him off slamming the door in Riggs’ face preventing him from returning to the show.
Well, now it seems two more favorites are going next. It’s been said before that contract negotiations are not going well with Lauren Cohan (Maggie) that’s leaving her future in the series in limbo.

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Yeah, you heard me. /fanpop

The biggest shocker of who may be leaving next is Danai Gurira who plays the sword-wielding Michonne. Forbs has reported or have made a convincing argument, that Gurira may end up leaving The Walking Dead soon. The reason why she’ll end up leaving will inevitably be because she’ll want to move on to other work as the offers for spots in movies will be rolling in now after her performance in the blockbuster superhero flick of all time Black Panther where she played the head of the all-female special forces group the Dora Milaje, Okoye.
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With her successful performance in Black Panther, there’s no doubt Gurira’s phone and mailbox will be exploding with offers for parts and scripts and let’s face it, there’ll be more Black Panther movies or crossovers coming. Hate to say it but I would not blame her if she leaves The Walking Dead, the show has been losing its charm and fan base for a while now and with the repetitive plot formula that’s been used since season 2, I’m sure some of the actors are ready to move on to other acting projects. To save time for the show’s writers, I made this picture for them as a hint to how the show should end.
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Not my best work but you get the idea.

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