Image Of ‘The Walking Dead’s “Nude” Walker Emerges

March 20, 2018

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Written by Capt McNeely

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It was announced not long ago that the upcoming season of AMC’s now snooze-fest The Walking Dead will be having a nude zombie. The Show’s make-up artist/director Greg Nicotero posted an image on his Instagram yesterday of what looks to be the well awaited fully nude walker that he and others have been making hype about…

via Greg Nicotero’s Instagram

Yep…that’s it, that’s the fully “nude” zombie we were promised. Though the work is an amazing testament to how far special effects makeup has come along but in the context the hype was based on, I think we saw more from the walker from the first season, known as bicycle girl, though was decayed you clearly could tell it had breasts, I think that’s the naughtiest zombie we’ve seen on the series.
Image result for cut in half walker Walking dead

Den of Geeks

Is “stripping the zombie” the new “jump the shark”? Who knows. But from what was written by Forbs we may be wondering all this as we go to season 9.

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