Fantasia 2018 Movie Review: The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The BigFoot

July 20, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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On July 19th Robert D. Krzykowski‘s The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the BigFoot premiered at the acclaimed 2018 Fantasia International Film Festival. I had the pleasure of seeing this intense film that is filled with suspense, emotion, and action.
The film opens with Billy Squire’s “Lonely is the Night” playing on an old jukebox. As the camera pans around we see a man sitting on a bar stool alone with only his drink to keep him company. That man is none other than Mr. Sam Elliot as our silver-haired central character, Calvin Barr.
As soon as Calvin sets down his glass we are sent into a flashback, which happens frequently in this film. We see a young, dark-haired man in a Nazi uniform making his way through a manor under Nazi control. We see the young Calvin enter an office where Hitler stands, warming himself by a fire. Suddenly Calvin snaps back to the present where the bartender has walked up behind Calvin and laid his hand on his shoulder. As they say goodbye Calvin is out the door. Just as he approaches his car three armed thugs approach, take his wallet and make the mistake of getting in his car. In a flash, all three are knocked on their ass. Here’s a tip, don’t mess with Sam Elliot.
Through flashbacks, we learn of Calvin’s heroics, (he did kill Hitler after all), his lost love, his struggle to build a bond with his younger brother, and an attempt to redeem himself. The story is a multi-layered one filled with twists and it is absolutely fantastic.
Of course, when you throw in the possibility that the fate of the world sits in his hands you can’t help but want to know more. That’s where the Bigfoot comes in. But I don’t want to reveal too much though. You need to see this movie for yourself.
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the BigFoot is an unusual tale like we’ve never seen before. And for that, I am grateful. The way the film was written, between the present and the past, it keeps you hooked, not wanting to miss a moment, and desperate to know why this man is the way he is and what path brought him here.
As for Sam Elliot, what can I about this man, who I believe is one of the most talented actors we’ve ever had grace the big or small screen? Maybe it’s his voice or his intensity or simply his talent. Either way, you just have to love Sam Elliot. And of course, in this film, he does not disappoint.
While the film doesn’t have a lot of heavy visual effects, those it did have were well done. And I will say this if you are expecting the common Bigfoot whose image we’ve seen everywhere from books to beef jerky commercials you are in for a surprise. This creature is not much bigger than your average man. Even though the creature is carrying a dangerous plague, he still puts up a good fight.
The cinematography was equally purposeful and beautiful, used to jump between present and past. The film’s sets and locations were impressive and had amazing detail. The scenes set in the wilderness where Calvin faces his not so big Bigfoot are breathtaking.
When it comes to this film, it has its share of stars, Elliot, Ron Livingston, Aidan Turner, Caitlin FitzGerald, Larry Miller, Sean Bridgers, and Rizwan Maji. The credits even list Silas Archer Gustav as a co-star (he’s a beautiful German Sheppard), I really liked that.
So, let’s get down to the brass tacks. Did I like The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the BigFoot? I loved it. It’s an easy 5 out of 5 stars. You must watch this film!

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