Train To Busan Is Getting A Sequel

August 13, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely - Horror Fuel CEO & Executive Producer Email: [email protected]

In 2016 Yeon Sang-ho‘s zombie flick Train to Busan took the world by storm. Now, Sang-ho has revealed that the sequel to Train to Busan is on its way, in fact, he’s already begun working on the script.
The writer-director described the film saying “It’s an extension of Train to Busan, after the virus has spread throughout Korea, but the characters are not the same. It shares the same worldview and is a zombie action film that deals with the aftermath on the peninsula of what happened in Train to Busan.”
In Train to Busan, a zombie virus broke out in South Korea. We watch as passengers on a train traveling from Seoul to Busan fight to survive.
Filming for the sequel is set to begin early next year.


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