FannibalFest Announces Special Guest Annabel De Vetten AKA “Annabel Lecter”

August 17, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Annabel de Vetten, also known as “Annabel Lecter”, is cooking something up disturbing for FannibalFest this October.
The trained chef, artist, and taxidermist created a ‘Hannibal & Bedelia’ wedding cake for the official media release event of the series’ third season, has made a name for herself by baking a long list of disturbing desserts, all of which look revoltingly realistic. As a big fan of the Thomas Harris novels and cinematic adaptations of the Hannibal character, she is quite enamored of the TV show. “I love how Hannibal is even more sophisticated, intelligent, and articulate than in the films,” she enthuses. “This makes him more unsettling than ever before.”


During her panel at FannibalFest she will dig into the connections between food and death. De Vetten hopes attendees will enjoy not only the morbid and “murdery” factoids she presents but also her edible
interpretations of some of her favorite scenes in the show.

When asked what kind of cake she would make for “Hannibal“, she is quick to respond: “I think it would have to be incredibly beautiful and sophisticated looking at first glance, with some seriously disturbing elements that would only be found on closer inspection,” adding that she loves making things appear what they actually aren’t.



What would “Annabel Lecter” like to see in a fourth season of the TV show? “Still more creative killers,” she says. “But, I would just like to see a fourth season — period!”

FannibalFest 2018 is an annual “Hannibal” convention held in North America for fans (“Fannibals”) of the 2013 – 2015 television series created by Bryan Fuller. The convention is managed by a non-profit group comprised of fans of the series. To learn more and to get tickets please visit the FannibalFest website

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