A Puzzler Of A Puzzle Game: ‘Energy Cycle Edge’ Review

November 27, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Sometimes gamers just want to take a break away from most games and want to exercise…their brains. Casual puzzle games have always been a great fallback for most but this game from indie game developer Sometimes You is not only eye-catching…its head scratching.
I present to you, “Energy Cycle Edge”, a 3-D puzzle game that will be coming out December 5th for all consoles including PC. The objective of the game is to match all the cells on the playing field to the same color. That’s where the simplicity ends. Every time you click a cell to change its color, the whole row will change as well.
That doesn’t sound bad? Look below, that’s level 1.

This is level 44, the final level.

Yes, like most puzzle games the levels become more complex and to add to it, the puzzles will become more three dimensional. You’ll have to rotate the puzzle in order to solve the level which I can assure you, it’s frustrating.
Image result for frustrated gif
Overall, the game was frustrating as hell! I do like a good puzzle game from time to time but I’m not afraid to admit that this game goes beyond my abilities. Just because I don’t really care much for it does not mean someone else will like it, maybe this game would be better for someone who loves these kinds of challenging games.
The parts I do like about the game, the graphics and colors are nice and bright, definitely giving a futuristic vibe. I found the concept of rotating the puzzles and changing your depth of field fascinating. The biggest thing I really liked about the game is the soundtrack. If you enjoy electronic music (trance, house, and techno) the music is worth listening to at least.
On my scale of five stars, it’s a 3, the overall vibe of the game is accompanied by an awesome soundtrack saved it from being a one star. If you’re up for a challenging puzzle game or know someone that is, then “Energy Cycle Edge” is for you!

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