Award Winning Horror Franchise ‘Volumes OF Blood’ Kicks Off Campaign For Final Film

March 18, 2019

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The award-winning horror anthology Volumes of Blood is gearing for their third installment, Volumes of Blood: Devil’s Knight.


The franchise has had rave reviews from critics and fans alike, making big waves in the indie film world. With the motto “by fans for fans”, P.J. Starks (10/31, e-Demon) and Eric Huskisson‘ s (The Confession of Fred KruegerBlood Moon Pictures has just launched the Indiegogo campaign to help fund the third and final film of the franchise with a goal of $15,000 and features some killer perks and affordable ways to get your face or name in the film!


Set on the morning of Halloween, several strangers are arrested for their involvement in multiple atrocities across the city of Owensboro. As each is interrogated by police the horrifying reality of their stories unfolds revealing werewolves, killer children, revenge, retribution and the bloody truth about a relentless serial killer who will stop at nothing to make sure he finishes what he started on Devil’s Night.


This blood-soaked finale stars Bill Oberst Jr. (Three from Hell), Christopher Bower (The Dooms Chapel Horror), Katie Stewart (The Wicked One), David McMahon (American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon), Sonya Delormier (Angel), Ryan Matthew Ziegler (Butcher the Bakers), Harper Dawahare (The Rave), Patrick Keegan Taft (Under the Surface), Lucy Turner (The Caretakers), Todd Reynolds (Volumes of Blood), Tiffany Arnold (The Sleeper), Daniel Alan Kiely (Bong of the Living Dead), Roni Jonah (The Hornet’s Disciple and The Scars She Left), Jason Crowe (The Bad Man), Tyler Riley (Scream for Summer), Julie Anne Prescott (Kill Dolly Kill: Dolly Deadly 2, Clownado), Olivia Jacobs and many more.


The campaign states:

Blood Moon Pictures was started in 2015 by creator/producer P.J. Starks and producer Eric Huskisson after the first Volumes of Blood took everyone by surprise. The goal was to continue the franchise of Volumes of Blood and as well as producing entertaining genre films at a relatively low cost. Volumes of Blood has garnered tons of praise from both critics and horror fans alike. We look forward to completing this trilogy of terror with the help of those who love horror as well as those who’ve inspired us to create the last and final chapter.” The campaign states.

Those who contribute to our campaign will not only be participating in bringing our final film to life, but will see the dream of many talented and passionate independent filmmaker finalized. When the first Volumes of Blood was complete there was no larger plan. However, the response was tremendous and that inspired us to create something much larger in scope. Devil’s Knight will be bringing more incredible indie horror directors, writers and talent together for one last foray into the universe of Volumes of Blood.



During our interview with Starks, we asked the filmmaker what fans can expect from Devil’s Knight.

“I’m really, really excited that we’re making VOB into a trilogy. Devil’s Knight is going to be bigger in scope with bloodier kills and keep with the fun everyone loves so much about the previous installments. The third film, like the others, won’t be exactly the same. We don’t want to rehash the same territory. This installment deals with everything from killer kids to revenge and even has a werewolf sequence I’m really excited about because it has a twist I’ve never seen before. We’ve also changed things up by infusing social commentary, which we never did in the previous films. It’s not preachy by any stretch of the imagination, but it covers some topics we feel have become an ongoing subject matter for the last several generations. I think the stories and characters are stronger than ever, and the body count will really excite the gore hounds. There are some phenomenal kills in this one. Eric and I both think it’ll be a really solid way to finish off the series.”



The badass poster for Volumes of Blood: Devil’s Knight was created by none other than KNB artist Michael Broom who has worked on series like “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story”, and movies like The Mist, Predators, and Cabin in the Woods, not to mention the comic Bubba the Redneck Werewolf. He also has own series of children’s books titled “Sky Rats”.





Don’t pass up on your chance to be a part of the final film of a fantastic franchise and part of horror history, snag one of the many great perks today on Indiegogo! Follow Volumes of Blood: Devil’s Knight on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates and more.

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