Sam Raimi Confirms We Will See More From The ‘Evil Dead’ Franchise

October 4, 2019

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Evil Dead fans, brace yourself, Sam Raimi has now confirmed that he is indeed making another Evil Dead film!


The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness director confirmed while at the New York Comic-Con where he is promoting Ghost House Pictures reboot of Grudge, that he will continue the Evil Dead franchise with Bruce Campbell on board, this time not as the star but as a producer.


Fede Álvarez’s 2013 female-led remake was the last time we saw the franchise on the big screen, however, Campbell last reprised his role as Ash was in the “Ash Vs Evil Dead” series which has now been canceled. Soon after the cancelation, Campbell announced that he was retiring as Ash much to the dismay of fans. During our interview with Campbell, he told us that part of the reason was that “There is no more I can give the character physically, or mentally, or spiritually.” That’s a pretty good reason in my book.


Raimi also mentioned at the Comic-Con that he would love to direct again.


I love directing. It’s hard though – it’s hard when you don’t have the best script to direct. I’m waiting to find a script that really speaks to me, something that everyone would love, but is really personal to me, too. Then I would love to be back in the director’s chair.


Raimi went on to say that he intends his next project to direct to be something he co-writes with his brother Ivan Raimi, who co-wrote Drag Me to Hell. Raimi has already stated he has no interest in bringing the iconic franchise back to TV again, so let’s hope that his next project will be an Evil Dead film.



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