Product Review: COPPERTIST.WU

June 23, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Nature can inspire, even the scary or unsettling of its creatures can be beautiful. The folks of COPPERTIST.WU has taken this to heart with their unique creations inspired by nature for you to wear or display for any occasion and I was lucky enough to get the chance to check out some of these unique products firsthand! I want to thank COPPERTIST.WU for the opportunity to review some of their eye-catching products!





As you’ll probably notice right away from the above picture, the Ouroboros bracelet. This brass bracelet depicting a viper eating its own tail comes in either brass or sterling silver. Surprisingly it’s quite comfortable to wear and does not scrape up my skin as I feared it would, glad I was wrong! Keeping with the Ouroboros theme is the Keychain that looks a lot like the bracelet but is smaller so that you can put your special set of keys on it. Next up is the Rattlesnake Tail Pendant which can either be easily made into a necklace pendant OR can be used as a unique keychain, and if you’re wondering, YES the tail silently moves which I’ll admit is fun to hold and watch.

Finally, we come to the Octopus phone holder! Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued but is being sold on COPPERTIST.WU’s Amazon store for clearance. This surprisingly hefty desk ornament can hold your cellphone or tablet but also has other unique uses such as holding your pen (which is what I’m using it for), paperweight, card holder, or just an interesting piece of desk decoration for your office or den.

Whether you use any of these products for their intended use or not you have to admit, the attention to detail of the animals depicted is very good and shows fine craftsmanship. These products will make a unique gift for yourself or someone else either for steampunk esthetics, collection, special occasion, or everyday wear. I found the products I received worth the money for the detail work alone.

You can check out COPPERTIST.WU on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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