How to Plan a Stay-In Weekend with Friends

March 8, 2023

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

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A stay-in weekend with friends is perfect for socialization, catch-ups, and general enjoyment. There are few more amicable feelings than setting off knowing you’re in for a weekend of fun and good friendship. A stay-in weekend might feel like a budget-friendly option for getting everyone together, and it is also the perfect idea for cold-weather meet-ups. Here are some ideas for planning a stay-in weekend for your friend group.


Pick the Perfect Location


It is pretty typical as you get older to have friends all over the country and even the world. Even if you are still all living close to home and where you met, choosing the perfect location is a group decision. Everyone involved with the stay-in weekend should put an option into the metaphorical hat for consideration so the choice is fair for everybody. Don’t discredit the idea of staying at someone’s house either; sometimes this is a budget-friendly way to get everyone together if a person in the friend group has the space to accommodate.


Make a Group Chat

No organizing can be done if people are not in touch with one another. Thankfully, there are dozens of communication apps to use in this department. Pick one everyone loves, knows how to use, and has full access to, and set up a group conversation. This can be used for chatting about the weekend and will help exchange key information like arrival times, what to bring, etc.


Host an Online Gaming Night

The real question is, what do you do when you all arrive at the stay-in weekend? There are so many options, but the activities must suit everyone, or there is little point in doing them. That being said, trying something new is always a fun experience, even if it turns out not to the collective’s tastes. An online gaming night is something different that is highly entertaining, and you can play with actual money to make it a little more enjoyable too.


Plan the Ultimate Movie Night

Of course, a weekend is technically two nights if you are doing it properly so that a casino theme could be followed by a perfect movie night. It is easier to let one person pick the movie here, rather than taking everyone’s suggestions (as this can become confusing). There are helpful lists online to browse through, and try to keep it light so that the whole group will enjoy some parts of it.



The setup with some movie-themed snacks and drinks, and settle down with the blankets! Sort a Food and Activities Budget Budgets need arranging, especially about food and activities, so that every cost is split fairly. This is easy enough to set up before the trip with a group chat. It does tend to be easier if one person manages to take the lead on the budget front so that payments can be split with minimal confusion.


Set Up a Photo Sharing Platform

Who doesn’t take a handful of selfies or photos for treasured keepsakes nowadays? Observing feels like astandard thing, especially when a group of good friends gets together. Make life easier by setting up a photo-sharing platform for everyone to put their pics on after or during the stay-session.


Book a Staycation Workshop

If you really want to push the boat out, and the budget allows, consider booking a workshop to
come to you. There are all sorts, from soap-making to yoga classes to pick from!


Planning a stay-in weekend with friends is almost as exciting as the event. Cater to
everyone, and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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