Open ‘The Necronomicon’ Tonight To Witness Untold Horrors (Trailer)

June 3, 2023

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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From the brilliant mind of HP Lovecraft comes the story of The Necronomicon, known to many as the “Book of the Dead,” a book made from human flesh. A book that can bring the dead back to life. The wickedest man in the world created the Necronomicon, the magician Aleister Crowley while visiting the depths of Hell and depravity. Now Dragon Studios takes you to a place that has only ever been written about in the books of HP Lovecraft, in The Necronomicon.


From the award-winning filmmaker Richard Driscoll comes a story that will tear your very heart from its soul.


In the film, the Necronomicon is used to lure victims to their death and capture their souls. One such person is the comic book writer George Carney who thinks his visit to New Orleans is to research a new book. In fact, he is there to impregnate the Witch, Zilia, before she sucks the very soul from his body so his child can be brought back as the reincarnation of Crowley himself.


Starring Steven Craine. Michael Madsen. Tom Sizemore in one of his last films. Bai Ling. Lysette Anthony and Danny Lopez. Written. Produced and Directed by Richard Driscoll. A Dragon Studios production.


Watch The Necronomicon now from Dragon Studios.



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