‘Jurassic Park: Survival’ Revealed At The Game Awards

December 8, 2023

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

It may have felt like 65 million years, but fans of Jurassic Park may finally be getting the video game they’ve been asking for! Saber Interactive revealed at The Game Awards their upcoming survival game set in the film’s universe, Jurassic Park: Survival.


In Jurassic Park: Survival, fans are taken back to Isla Nublar in 1993 as InGen scientist Maya Joshi who failed to evacuate the island with the rest of the staff. Now alone on the island in the aftermath of the tropical storm, Maya will have to survive as she makes her escape.


Jurassic Park: Survival will allow players to explore Isla Nublar in great detail and visit iconic locations from the film and never-before-seen locations. The environment comes to life and reacts to Maya’s presence along with the dinosaurs she encounters and new threats not yet seen…





Players will also have to outsmart dangerous dinos they come across and use stealth and distraction tactics to escape them and help Maya survive on the island with what resources they can discover as players will learn that there are a lot of dangers lurking on the island.


Jurassic Park: Survival will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, there’s no news yet on the release date but you know I’ll be keeping an eye out, so hold on to your butts!


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