Product Review: Grinds Coffee Pouches

January 15, 2024

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Love Coffee? That’s a dumb question. Of course you love it, or at least enjoy it from time to time. Sometimes, you need a boost of energy from caffeine to help you stay up for a movie, meet a deadline, or mow down zombie hoards with friends during a gaming session. Or ultimately, you’re trying to drop a nasty habit. Grinds Coffee Pouches can help.


I want to first thank Grinds for sending over some cans for me to try! Inside each can of Grinds are small pouches full of coffee grounds, yes you read that right, coffee grounds. You take a pouch and stick it between your lips/cheeks and gums, and just let the flavor flow. No need to spit, unless you want to but then you would be wasting coffee! The flavor I’m enjoying at this very moment is Irish Cream that’s part of the Build Your Own Pack section on the site where you can customize your own pack of cans.


The flavor is strong (like black coffee) and lasts up to an hour. Once the pouch is wet, it stays put and won’t move. With 25MG of caffeine (the average cup of coffee is between 80-100 MG) it’s enough to get you going but if you wish for more they do have 2x caffeine cans.


With the original intention to help people quit chewing tobacco, Grinds can scratch that itch for those wishing to break that habit. As mentioned at the start, there are other uses for Grinds to help you get your caffeine while keeping your hands free, Playing video games, writing, sewing parts of your cosplay, and gearing up for a movie marathon. Pretty much anytime you need your caffeine boost, Grinds Coffee Pouches will help.


You can check out Grinds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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