Movie Review: ‘Damsel’ Starring Millie Bobby Brown

Damsel review

March 11, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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As a fan of “Stranger Things,” I was thrilled to hear last year that Millie Bobby Brown would be playing the lead in the fantasy film Damsel. It’s finally out on Netflix, so I had to check it out and of course, I want to talk about it.

Brown is no longer the talented kid we became familiar with in “Stanger Things.” She is all grown up, and her talent continues to grow. She gives an excellent performance filled with emotion.

The Story

Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, best known for 28 Weeks Later, and penned by Dan Mazeau (Fast X), the film starts like most fairy tales do. A young woman promises to marry a prince to save her kingdom, encouraged by her father and stepmother to do her duty. Upon meeting the royal family in their stunning castle, Elodie quickly grows fond of the prince and him of her. Unfortunately, a happily ever is not in the cards for the young lovers. When she is cast into a deep pit in a mountain as a sacrifice, she is thrown into a desperate struggle to escape a dragon hell-bent on revenge.

For fans of action, Damsel has plenty. But that’s not the point of the movie; it’s about a young woman finding her strength and determination and seeking to expose the truth. Elodie makes a great final girl.

One of the film’s key characters is the massive dragon that Elodie has to face. The creature design is fantastic. This dragon looks terrifying. It is covered in spikes, has enormous wings, has bright gold, piercing eyes, and deadly breath of fire. The fact that it talks adds to the plot. It is also important to the story, allowing Elodie to communicate with it.

Most of the film is set in dark, dank caves and passageways within the mountain. Unlike with a lot of movies, the film is lit so that even in the dark, it’s not too dark to see what’s happening, thanks to some creepy crawlies that have bioluminescence, glowing a bright blue. Too darkly lit scenes are huge pet peeve of mine.

The Verdict

Damsel didn’t disappoint. While it is not a groundbreaking fantasy film, it is well worth watching. It’s emotional, gripping, and loaded with action. I will say this, because of some brutality and death, you should be cautious about sharing it with younger kids.


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