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True Crime Docuseries “No One Saw A Thing” Debuts On Sundance

    In 1981, after years of intimidation and brutality, the town bully Ken Rex McElroy is gun downed in broad daylight in front of 60 witnesses in the small town of Skidmore, Missouri, but no one saw a thing or at least that’s what they claim to this very day. Blumhouse’s docuseries “No One […]

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Cursed Films Crow

Review: Shudder’s “Cursed Films: The Crow” and “Cursed Films: Twilight Zone: The Movie”

Cursed Films, the original five-part documentary series from  streaming service Shudder, strives to examine the facts behind the rumors and the tragic events that affected the making of some beloved classic horror movies produced in the 1970s and 1980s. These cinematic offerings have been deemed cursed, often because of urban legend and gossip. After launching […]

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Blu-ray Review: Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life & Ghastly Death of Al Adamson (2020)

Love his films or hate them (but seriously though… how could you hate such delightful exploitation goodness?) there’s no denying that legendary director Al Adamson had one hell of a life… a life detailed in Severin’s newest Blu-ray release; Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life & Ghastly Death of Al Adamson! Most of you lot […]

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house in between

Documentary ‘The House In Between’ Delves Into The Most Haunted House In America

    The House in Between is heading to On Demand this May, documenting what may very well be the most haunted location in America. Starring Steve Gonsalves (Ghost Nation, Ghost Hunters) and John Bullard, a paranormal investigator as they embark on the first-ever decade-long investigation.  Bridging the paranormal, real science and the human experience this documentary shows […]

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(Trailer) Documentary ‘Kubrick By Kubrick’ Examines The Mind Of Legendary Filmmaker

Take a look at the trailer for the documentary Kubrick by Kubrick which takes us into the mind of legendary filmmaker Stanely Kubrick. The film features rare insight into his films with interviews he conducted with the veteran French film critic Michel Ciment, who had a 30-year relationship with the filmmaker and interviewed him at […]

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cursed films 1

“Cursed Films” Has One Of The Biggest Premieres In Shudder History

    Genre docuseries “Cursed Films” has made Shudder history by having the second-largest premiere ever for the streaming genre service. The series, only outranked by “Creepshow,” explores the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s notoriously “cursed” horror film productions, featuring interviews with experts, witnesses, cast, directors, and producers who experienced the events first […]

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Movie Review: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (2020)

The new doc Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, hosted by Dr. Steven Greer, the world’s foremost  authority on all things spaceman related, puts both spiritual belief is being utilized to contact extraterrestrials. Over the course of two hours we are witness to countless footage of alleged spacecraft, interviews, and tales of those that pilot […]

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dawn of godzilla

New Godzilla Documentary ‘The Dawn Of Kaiju Eiga’ Hits Amazon Prime

  We’ve got a treat for fans of the King of Monsters, “The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga”, a new documentary film about the origins of the iconic monster Godzilla is now streaming on Amazon Prime, produced and directed by Spanish filmmaker Jonathan Bellés. The project started in 2012, as a Ph.D. research of Bellés about Kaiju Eiga, however, step by step, the project grew more and more ambitious as the filmmaker traveled to Japan in order to record more than 20 interviews from film directors, actors, and special effects directors. The goal was to realize his lifelong […]

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Blu-ray Review: Fist of Fear, Touch of Death (1980)

Adolph Caesar (surprisingly not the bi-product of  Cobra experiments to resurrect Serpentor, but rather an Oscar nominated actor) discusses an upcoming (and surely complete and utter bullshit) karate championship event set to take place at Madison Square Garden. The prize awarded from said (definitely made-up) contest of legendary legends? Why, the title of Bruce Lee’s […]

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facing east

Facing East Documentory Director Talks Corruption And Buried Bodies In An Interview

    Tommy Baker, the filmmaker behind the documentary Facing East, sat down with me to discuss his film and the heartbreaking and infuriating events that have taken place over decades at the Eastern Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. Referred to as “the most overcrowded’ in all of Kentucky, the Eastern Cemetery held a horrifying secret […]

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