Small Town Monsters Unleashes Doc “The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves 2”

March 5, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Small Town Monsters is renowned for its captivating documentaries like Werewolves Unearthed and On the Trail of Bigfoot. They are back and set to unleash their with their highly anticipated The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves 2. Debuting this March, the film will be available across major VOD platforms nationwide. Blu-ray and DVDs will be available exclusively from the Small Town Monsters online shop.

Delving Deeper into the Skinwalker Legend

This sequel to their acclaimed 2022 documentary American Werewolves delves into the enduring legend of the “Skinwalker.” Within Indigenous communities, both historically and in the present day, there are tales of this shapeshifting creature. Following their signature approach, Seth Breedlove and his team interview individuals directly impacted by the phenomenon. They share their personal experiences, unique perspectives, and fears. By placing these firsthand accounts at the forefront, The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves 2 allows viewers to form their own conclusions about the complex and fascinating phenomenon. Is the skinwalker simply a terrifying legend, or do the beings indeed lurk in the shadows to this day? You decide.

“The merging of various canid legends and lore from different cultures has always fascinated me,” says Seth Breedlove, CEO and Founder of Small Town Monsters. “This time, we delve into the shape-shifting aspect of that lore, examining its unique characteristics while acknowledging its connection to broader cultural narratives. To ensure an authentic portrayal, we partnered with Indigenous people from New Mexico, granting them the platform to share their experiences and beliefs.”

Exploring the Legend

The documentary embarks on a captivating journey across the American Southwest. It explores the chilling legends of an ancient evil that thrives on fear and empowers itself through it. Witness testimonies. tales of encounters and stories that blur the lines between myth and reality. Watch as it weaves together tales of upright canids, monsters, hellhounds, and the legendary skinwalker. Prepare to be captivated by The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves 2 as it unveils the true essence of terror on April 6, 2024. Pre-order your copy now.

The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves 2 

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