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‘Stung’ Starring Clifton Collins Jr.

stung 3

Mrs. Perch (Eve Slantner), a wealthy woman with a green thumb, has been putting her special illegally imported fertilizer on her precious plants. She has no idea that the special fertilizer has been seeping into the ground. A swarm of killer wasps have made their hive right in the path of the chemical’s spread. The new generation of wasps are mutating into seven foot monsters. Mrs. Perch is hosting a get together for her elite group of friends. Suddenly the giant wasps appear and they’re on the war path. It’s up to Paul (Matt O’Leary) and Julia (Jessica Cook), two of the catering staff, to kill the monsters wasps.

stung 1

Clifton Collins Jr., who’s films include ‘Pacific Rim’ and ‘Boondock Saints 2’, plays the role of Sydney in this creature feature that was directed by Benni Diez and written by Adam Aresty. The cast of ‘Stung’ also includes veteran actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens).

stung 4

I can’t wait to see this horror-comedy! Stock up on bug spray,’Stung’ is coming your way August 7, 2015.



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