Movie Review : Infernal (2015)

March 31, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Nathan and Sophia are a young couple in love. They are just starting out when they welcome Imogene, a beautiful baby girl into the world. The couples nice life soon takes a turn for the worst when Imogene begins acting very odd.  As a part of therapy, the couple begin to film everything. Suddenly Nathan notices a series of  strange events and images on the videos. The couple’s relationship deteriorates as Imogene continues gets worse. The couple soon starts to questions if Imogene is really autistic or if there is something much more sinister at work.

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Writer, director Bryan Coyne is at the helm of this supernatural story. Nathan and Sophia are played by Andy Ostroff (Roommates) and Heather Adair .  The young star of this film, Imogene is played by Alyssa Koerner (Portend). ‘Infernal’ also stars Jose Rosete, Noelle Bruno, John Zion, Sara Winter and Chris Beer, among others.

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‘Infernal’ is a dark, spooky and fantastic. The movie goes to the heart of a parent and hits that “What if” nerve in the back of everyone’s mind. When you first see the demon, which was well done, emerge from the closet, you understand what is really going on with the child. The movie quickly picks up speed to reveal a host of oddities and events.  ‘Infernal’ is an interesting movie with several twists and turns and an ending that you don’t see coming. Alyssa Koerner (Imogene) did a fantastic job with her role, as did all of the cast. My verdict? Watch the movie, it’s well worth the time.

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‘Infernal’ will be in select theaters and VOD on April 10, 2015.


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