Adaption Of King’s ‘The Ten O’Clock People’ Gets New Name

Tom Holland, writer/director of ‘Fright Night’ and ‘Child’s Play’, has been working on the movie adaption of Stephen King’s short story ‘The Ten O’Clock People’ (‘Nightmares and Dreamscapes’) for a while now. Holland recently confirmed to the Stephen King fan site Lilja’s Library, that the film is still in production and has gone through a name change. The film’s new title is ‘Cessation’. The definition of cessation, the fact or process of ending.


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In Stephen King’s story a smoker on a “cessation” drug returns to the habit. The combination of the drug and the cigarettes trigger a side effect that reveals a disturbing reality in which many of the people in authority are actually monsters.

‘Cessation’ is being produced by Don Carmody and will star Jay Baruchel (This is the End). IMDb has the film listed as being released some time in 2016. We will post updates as more details come available.




This is not Holland’s first experience with an adaption of a Stephen King Story. Holland was also behind the adaption of King’s ‘Thinner’ (1996) and the 1995 TV series ‘The Langoliers’.


THINNER, Tom Holland, Stephen King, 1996

Holland and King

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