FOX Searchlight To Adapt 80 Year Old New Yorker Article To Film

July 28, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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FOX Searchlight has signed a deal to adapt an eighty year old story from The New Yorker into a feature film. The two-part article, titled “Voices Through the Trumpet”was written by Carl Cramer and documents the events surrounding the first documented haunted house.

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The haunted house, located in upsate New York, was the home of the Fox sisters in the mid- 1800s. The two young sisters were the focus of the activity. The sisters continued to communicate with the spirit through out their lives. Carmer returned to the house and the spiritualist community that grew around it.

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JT Petty has signed on to write the script for the film. Alison Greenspan will be producing along side Dawn Ostoff of Conde Nast Entertainment and Jeremy Steckler, with Denise DiNovi serving as executive producer.

Carmer focused on myths, legends and lore through out his career in journalism. “Voices Through the Trumpet’, published in 1936, remains his most well known piece.

The names of the Fox sisters, Kate and Margaret, should sound familiar. They are credited with the creation of the Spiritualist movement and with starting the world’s obsession with the Ouija Board. Their older sister, Leah, worked as their promoter and manager.

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