Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare Returning To Chicago

July 28, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely - Horror Fuel CEO & Executive Producer Email: [email protected]

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Back in 2013 Rob Zombie launched his haunted attraction The Great American Nightmare, which was named one the best attractions of 2013. The attraction, based on Zombie’s songs and films, will be returning to Chicago this year in time for the Halloween season.

“I am thrilled to be bringing The Great American Nightmare back to the Chicao area for it’s second year.” Zombie continued “After last year’s overwhelming response we’ve decided to return with a completely new Nightmare. It’s more vile and disgusting than ever. Have fun.”

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Great American Nightmare 2015 will feature sections based on ‘The Devil’s Rejects’, ‘Captain Spaulding’s Clown School 3D’ and a new section based on Zombie’s upcoming film ’31’. To top it all off Zombie will be playing two concerts, one on October 2nd and the other on the 4th.

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For more information and tickets visit the official website. Here’s a little peak at the type of action visitors can expect. This is footage from the 2013 The Great American Nightmare.

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