Movie Review: Other Halves is Half a Good Flick


Peep this shizz oh grizzly ghouls; Other Halves tells the story of a revolutionary new dating app…an app that matches folks automatically based on your online history…good lord, how many people would be matched up with midgets on horses? Just me? Fuuuuu….

Anyway, we are introduced to our scrappy group of young programmers who are charged with sorting out a few teeny, tiny, bugs in the software before launch…you know, bugs that have users turning into unbelievably horny murder machines…no biggie.

On the upside, the story is fast paced, there’s some blood and naked flesh thrown about (male and female for a change), and the satirical elements of the story (including jabs at social media, apps, and horror tropes) manages to be effective without being overly “wink wink”. Also of note is the effective use of location as the film takes place inside the offices of the tech start up working on the app. Does this belie the film’s low budget? Sure it does, but it works to create a claustrophobic atmosphere

On the negative end, there is some massively clunky dialog (both in writing and delivery), the characters are basically walking cliches (the intense boss, the nerdy girl, the perfect boyfriend et.al.), and the tossing around of “computer jargon” and hip lingo will date this flick in an unbelievable bad way (for an example listen to any discussion of chat rooms in the flick Strangeland) that will lessen it’s impact over time. Also, don’t expect gobs of blood or nerve jangling suspense, as both are in seemingly short supply, though as stated the film moves right along and doesn’t get boring surprisingly enough.

If you are in the mood for a pervy lil’ stalk n’ slash romp, you could do worse than Other Halves; it delivers on the nudity and murder, it’s a brisk watch, and won’t leave you bored (or floored).



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