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A New Updated Version Of ‘Blood Feast’ Is In The Works

Back in April we reported that a remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1963 ‘Blood Feast’was in the works. We now have new information about the remake. German director Marcel Walz (Plastic) will be stepping into Lewis’ shoes as director of the new movie. Robert Rusler will be playing the lead role of Fuad Ramses, a family man […]

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smothered 2

Horror Icons Cast In The Horror-Comedy ‘Smothered’

‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star Jon Schneider’s new film ‘Smothered’ stars some of horror’s most recognizable icons, who are all playing themselves. ‘Smothered’, written and directed by Schneider, features Kane Hodder, Don Shanks, Bill Moseley and R.A. Milhailoff, Michael Berryman, Brea Grant, John Kassir, Dane Rhodes, Shane Forrestall, Adria Tennor, Andrew Bowen and Amy Brassette . […]

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rock 3

The Devil Has A Plan In The Horror Musical ‘Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival’

  Filmmakers Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich, who brought us the fantastic 2008 horror musical ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’, have returned with the sequel to their 2012 musical horror film ‘The Devil’s Carnival: Episode One’. The sequel titled ‘Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival’ follows Lucifer, who “…sets a plot in motion against Heaven and Hell breaks loose.” […]

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Marvel Announces A New Blade Comic Series With Female Lead

Marvel Comics has just announced that there will be a new series featuring a day-walking, vampire-hunting, badass coming this fall. Blade, who was born Eric Brooks, won’t be the titular character this time out though. This time around it will be his 16 year old daughter, Fallon Grey, who will be kicking undead ass and […]

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prankster 3

The Movie ‘Jokesters’ Takes Pranks To A Horrifying New Level

Random Media and Cinedigm are preparing to release ‘The Jokesters’ on DVD and VOD on July 21st. This found-footage horror film, directed by AJ Wedding (Kate), stars Nathan Reid (The Program), Gabriel Tigerman (Charlie Wilson’s War), Dante Spencer (Jerks with Cameras), Jen Yeager (Criminal) and Luis Jose Lopez of ‘American Sniper’. “The “Prankmasters” are an […]

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christmas 1

A Christmas Horror Story

Copperheart’s latest film ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ will be premiering later this month at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival. In this Christmas themed horror anthology a group of high school students are investigating a murder that occurred just before the holidays in a small town. Then a a couple notices that their son is behaving strangely […]

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