An Interview With Young Actress Talia Dobbins Of The Sacrament

July 16, 2014

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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This past weekend  I had the pleasure of talking with Ms. Talia Dobbins, an extremely talented, funny and well spoken young lady. Talia has already had an impressive acting career . She is a true professional, to be so young.

Talia’s latest film role was in The Sacrament, directed and written by Ti West. The Sacrament is a dark thriller about a man who travels to the remote location of Eden Parish, to find his sister. The movie is loosely based on the story of Jim Jones, a charismatic church leader who’s life ends with the mass suicide of 918 people.


Talia has had many other roles, in a long list of movies including A Better Life,  5 Minutes (2012) , Where the Mangos Grow (2013), Eat (2012), The Gift and several movies by The Savannah Collage of Art and Design . She is a true professional, to be so young.


CM “What was the first movie you were in?”

TD “It was a movie called a Better Life. I was 7.”


CM “Which movie, that you’ve been in, is your favorite so far?”

TD “The Sacrament. It was fun on set. I liked staying up late when we had to film at night. It was really cool, being on set when we filmed on Halloween. We got to come to the set in our Halloween costumes, I handed out doughnuts and we got to leave in time to go Trick-or-Treating.”


CM “Can you tell us about you character in The Sacrament ?”

TD “I play Savanna, a mysterious young mute girl. She’s mute because of abuse. She goes to Eden Parish with her mom.”


CM “What was your favorite part of filming the movie?”

TD ” The special effects, I had to wear a prosthetics piece on my neck. It was interesting learning how special effects work . I also really liked working with Ti West and Dutch too.  They’re nice and really fun.”


CM ” Why do you love acting?”

TD ” I like how you get to be a different character every time. You get to make the character yours. You are that character.”


CM ” What Project are you working on now?”

TD “A movie named House on The Horizon, I play a girl who is telekinetic. She wants her mom and sister to get away from her abusive step dad .”


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CM “Do you ever get upset when you don’t get a part?”

TD “A little sometimes, but it’s ok. Some times I’m not what they’re looking for. I know I will have other parts.”


CM “Besides acting what else do you enjoy doing?”

TD “I love dancing. I take Ballet, Tap and Jazz. I also go to competitions where you can win scholarships and go to auditions. ”



CM “Do you ever get scared hen you’re in a scary scene?”

TD “No Ma’am. I know it’s just acting. The actors aren’t really mad or scary.”


It’s rare that we get an honest inside look at entertainment through the eyes of a young professional actor. Talia didn’t mind telling me all about it.  I expect we will see great things from Talia.


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