The Cure May Be A Worse Than The Disease In ‘Strange Blood’

April 4, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely is the owner of She is an Executive Producer of "13 Slays Till Christmas" which is out on Digital and DVD and now streaming on Tubi. She has several other films in the works. Kelli is an animal lover and a true horror addict since the age of 9 when she saw Friday the 13th. Email:

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Henry, a brilliant scientist, is working on creating an experimental and universal cure for all disease with the help of a parasite. The doctor finds himself accidentally infected. As he begins to transform, he is in a race to find a cure for his infection, with only the help of his assistant to prevent the new plague from spreading.

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‘Cloud Atlas’ producer Pearry Teo serves  as the producer for this horror film, which he co-wrote with Chad Michael Ward.. Acclaimed music video director and photographer Chad Michael Ward makes his directorial debut with ‘Strange Blood’. Chad Michael Ward has directed videos for many artists, including Marilyn Manson. Ward has built quite a reputation as a talented photographer, working with celebrities an musicians alike.  Robert Brettenaugh (Vera) stars as Henry. Alexandra Bard (Choices) plays the role of concerned assistant. James Adam Lim’s ( The Evil Inside) role is that of Detective Joseph Song.

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‘Strange Blood’ is now out in select theaters.



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