‘WolfCop’ Is Getting A Sequel !

June 7, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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wolfcop 2

One of the best releases of 2014/2015 is a horror-comedy by the name ‘WolfCop’ . ‘Wolf Cop’ brought together the best of both worlds, blood, gore, and a werewolf cop with a taste for justice, liquor and donuts.  This movie has all the markings of an instant horror-comedy classic. When Lou, an alcoholic cop, is jumped in the woods one night while out on a call, a ritual is performed. On the full moon he morphs into a werewolf, but not just any werewolf, he’s a gun toting, flask carrying, officer of the law. WolfCop sets out to bring a little justice to the corrupt town he calls home.

wolfcop 1



If you haven’t seen WolfCop, watch it, watch it now, after you read the article of course. If you are a Netflix subscriber, I have good news, it’s available on their streaming service. Be sure to read our ‘WolfCop’ review .


I howled with joy when I found out that a WolfCop sequel will be coming soon. Writer/director Lowell Dean, of ‘Wolf Cop’ has begun the Indiegogo campaign to help fund WolfCop’s next adventure and they need your help.



Dean was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about the WolfCop series.

wolfcop and dean

WolfCop and Lowell Dean


KM “What was your inspiration behind ‘Wolf Cop'” ?

LD “The inspiration for WolfCop was my love of monsters, and the Wolf Man character in general – but feeling that he had been underused lately. I also wanted to put a new twist on the werewolf character and see him as the hero for once – even if he is highly violent and dysfunctional!”

wolfcop 3

KM “What made you decide to do a sequel?”

LD ” We always wanted WolfCop to be a franchise, that’s how we pitched it to CineCoup . We didn’t think we’d get lucky enough to tackle a sequel so quickly, but luckily the response to #1 has been awesome. Better than expected .”

KM “Can you give us any hints about part 2? Will Leo Fafard (WolfCop) be returning ?”

LD “Leo Fafard will be returning as WolfCop. I can’t give away too much of the plot, but I will say things are going to get crazier. WolfCop will be put to the test in the sequel. The first one was an origin story, this one is an “on the run” action/horror/comedy.”

wolfcop 4

Be sure to visit the WolfCop 2 Indiegogo campaign page and follow WolfCop and Lowell Dean on Twitter, as well as visit the WolfCop FaceBook page . We will keep you posted, in the mean time, stay out of trouble or WolfCop might pay you a visit.


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