Jordan McCloskey Talks With Me About His Film ‘Ghostpuncher’

June 16, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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For those of you who haven’t heard about the horror-comedy  ‘Ghostpuncher’, let me fill you in. ‘Ghostpuncher’ is the brain-child of Gemini award winning actor/writer Jordan McCloskey . Jordan starred on the TV series ‘The Wilkinsons’ and the series ‘Three Chords From the Truth’. Now Jordan has set out to make an unforgettable and completely original movie with blood, gore, creepy ghosts and a few laughs.  I sat down today to talk with Jordan about his project. The man on the other end of the phone was over flowing with excitement about ‘Ghostpuncher’ and I can’t blame him, by the time I hung up the phone I was psyched about this indie film too.

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‘Ghostpuncher’ tells the story of a single father and his son, who have moved into a new house, unaware of the fact that the home is haunted by three spirits. The home now stands on the foundation of where a nineteenth century poor-house once stood. The spirits are that of a mother and her two daughters, who prayed upon and cannibalized the residents of the poor-house in 1897, the family was known as the Collombelles. At first the spirits are curious and playful, but then turn aggressive, eventually possessing the father and making their lives Hell. The son turns to the only place he can think of, the internet. He finds the YouTube commercial of a down and out exorcist, who refers to himself as “Ghostpuncher”. The man claims to be able to punch ghosts right into the ever after, but these ghosts aren’t giving up with out a fight.


KM “Jordan where did the inspiration for ‘Ghostpuncher’ come from?”

JM “It’s funny, I was always freaked out by ghosts. One night a friend of mine was telling me this story about the ghost of a little girl he saw and it made him angry, like why is she standing there and how he wished he could punch it. It became a long running joke. I was working on this show and everyone on set was talking about what they were going to do after the end of the show. So I came up with this idea to make ‘Ghostpuncher’, the short. One night I was watching ‘Lost Boys’ and decided to make the movie. As a horror fan I think there should be more horror-comedies. I’m a huge fan of Bruce Campbell and the horror movies of the 1980’s like ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘The Lost Boys’ and I want to tap into that style.”


KM ” What’s the character “Ghostpuncher” like?”

JM “The character of ‘Ghostpuncher’ is best described as Peter Venkman meets Bruce Campbell, the world needs more Bruce Campbell. He can be really serious at times, but then he also has that cheesy side.”


KM “Tell us about ‘Ghostpuncher’.”

JM “I love the genre, but I want to bring some levity and originality. I wrote what I would want to see. It has some creepy scenes, but it’s a lot of fun. I wanted to make something memorable and completely original. I also want to use mostly or all practical effects. We have a lot of great people interested the movie. One of the producers will be Kerry Fleming. We talked and he really seems to get what I’m trying to do. I think horror fans are really going to like it too.”


KM “When will see ‘Ghostpuncher’? Late 2016 or 2017?”

JM “Hopefully. We are waiting on a few things. We’re still looking for cast and a director, along with producers, but hopefully soon.”


‘Ghostpuncher’ is now in preproduction. Writer/producer Kerry Fleming , of the upcoming horror film ‘Rock Paper Dead’ will be one of the producers for this ghost tale. I spoke with Kerry and he had this to say about the project:

“When Jordan contacted me in regards to possibly coming on board his ‘Ghostpuncher’ project, I was definitely intrigued by the premise. After reading the screenplay I felt that Jordan has something that if done right, can be really amazing. I’m already working with Jordan on casting choices and once we get our lead roles filled then I will begin the process of reaching out to production companies and potential investors in order to get us into production as soon as possible.”

Jordan told me a few details about the movie that I can not reveal at this time, but believe me, you are really going to want to see ‘Ghostpuncher’! I’ll be following the progress of this movie closely, but for frequent updates follow ‘Ghostpuncher’ on Twitter. In the mean time check out the ‘Ghostpuncher’ theme song!

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