Paramount Has Ordered The Reboot Of ‘Pet Sematary’

July 24, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The latest horror film to join the long list of remakes/reboots is the classic film, ‘Pet Sematary’. ’28 Weeks Later’ director Jaun Carlos Fresnadillo will be directing the reboot of ‘Pet Sematary’, which was based on the Stephen King novel by the same name. Jeff Buhler, who penned ‘The Midnight Meat Train’, wrote the script for the new version.

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The new version of the 1989 classic will focus more on the family’s emotional aspect of the story. Buhler has made the comments that this film will be very different than the classic, but will still retain certain events. Right now the reboot is in early preproduction and is waiting budget approval from Paramount, but they hope to start filming at the end of this year.

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 My question to Paramount, why? ‘Pet Sematary’ is already the best it could possibly be. I hear romantic comedies could use some work, go reboot their movies and leave us horror fans alone to enjoy our classics, just the way they are.

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