Movie Review: Inner Demons (2014)

August 9, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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I’ve heard the saying “inner demons” many times when it comes to someone with problems of addiction, both when it comes to alcohol and with drugs. The movie ‘Inner Demons’ explores the possibility that there could be more behind addiction, like demons. I sat down with my lap top to write and chose ‘Inner Demons’ to watch in between typing lines. I will admit when I first hit play, that I thought I was about to watch another mediocre movie, I was wrong. After a few minutes the movie had caught my attention and I actually set aside my lap top, which is rare when I’ve got deadlines to meet.


‘Inner Demons’ began with a documentary crew filming the story of Carson, a young woman strung out on several drugs. It started off with hints of a darker story underneath the main plot. When she begins rehabilitation and the drugs begin to leave her system her erratic behavior begins to intensify and she tells them that she’s possessed. When one of the film crew members slips holy water into her drink all Hell breaks loose. From there on it’s a downward spiral to full blown horror.



Lara Vosburgh stars as Carson, the possessed young woman hiding behind addiction. Morgan McClellan, Kate Whitney, Ashley Sutton and Brian Flaherty also serve as cast for this film, which was directed by Seth Grossman.


‘Inner Demons’ was surprisingly good. It was unpredictable and well shot, for a found footage film. You could tell that the film was not made on a huge budget, but the effects were nicely done and for the most part it had a good cast, especially in reference to Lara Vosburgh’s performance. You can find ‘Inner Demons’ where most movies are sold. It’s also available now on Netflix Streaming and Netflix DVD.

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