Girl Possessed After Using Ouija Phone App

October 6, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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We all know what a Ouija board is and we’ve all heard the warnings of what can happen, hauntings, possessions, ect… For Patricia Quispe, a girl in Lima, Peru, the repercussions of dabbling with the occult have become very real. Allegedly, the girl became possessed after using an Ouija app on her phone.


Quispe was brought to the local hospital by ambulance at the request of her family. There it took over an hour to restrain her due to her convulsions. Nurses reported that the young woman was abnormally strong. In the video you can hear her groan and shout for the Devil to “Let [her] go”.

The girl’s friends told the hospital staff that Quispe downloaded the Ouija app this past weekend. Soon she began convulsing and foaming at the mouth, which is when an ambulance was called. She has now been committed to a psychiatric hospital. Doctors are still investigating Ms. Quispe’s condition and her claims of possession.


Do you believe that possession is real? Let us know what you think.


WARNING ! Footage may be too disturbing or graphic for some viewers.



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