Guns and Puzzles, Scouts vs. Zombies

October 12, 2015

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

If you’re looking forward to the latest Zombedy to hit theatres later this month, you should check out a neat little mobile game put out by Paramount Digital Entertainment – Scouts vs. Zombies. Usually movie games get a bad rep – mostly for good reasons. However, this one varies by not relying on the storyline of the film, but rather the ability to kill zombies with the swipe of a finger.


If you ever played games like Crush the Castle on ArmorGames, then you will get a kick out of SvZ. There are 5 locations, each with 20 levels, that you must think and shoot your way through. Taking aim with your finger of choice, your bullets rebound off walls until it doesn’t want to, or all zombies in the level are dead. And it does a nifty slow-mo close up on the final kill of the level.



Certain levels allow you to collect power-ups, like extended laser sight, rubber bullets for extra rebounds, or an insta-kill to eliminate all zombies on the map. Other times you’ll get scrap to buy power-ups instead of waiting to discover them in game. However, as with every other game made after 2013, it does have microtransactions to purchase scrap if you aren’t getting enough throughout the game. Thankfully, it’s not built in a way that forces you to make purchases in order to enjoy or finish the game.


It’s available now on both Google Play and the App Store. For free! So if you’re looking for a time/zombie killer until Halloween, give it a shot.

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