Jason’s Back in Friday the 13th The Game

October 16, 2015

Written by Capt McNeely

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And no. It’s not a remaster of the original 1989 side scroller for the NES. It’s an all new multiplayer survival horror where it pits 7 players against 1. That’s right, you have an opportunity to play as the machete wielding Jason against 7 other players who are just trying to have a good time.



The game is being developed by Gun Media and has been launched on Kickstarter. It’s looking for $700,000 in funding – already reaching half that with just 28 days left to go. If achieved, this game will freaking rock. Seriously. Not only will you get to play as Jason, but it will all happen within a rich 80’s themed environment. To top it off, they have brought in Kane Hodder in to do mo-cap for Jason, Tom Savini to help enrich the world of Crystal Lake, and Harry Manfredini to score the game – which makes sense considering he’s done the score for the original Friday the 13th and multiple others. Oh, by the way, all the counselors you can play as are as stereotypical as you can get – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What really excites me about this game is the fact that they are embracing what the Friday The 13th used to be. Filled with gore and camp, and maybe even a little nudity here and there, this game is bound to rock the socks of Jason fans old and new. Plus it will all look beautiful since it’s being run on Unreal Engine 4, which is about as close to real life as we’ve gotten with video game engines.


Check out the Kickstarter, as they’ve got some cool bonuses for backers, as well as more deets on the full production.

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