Bell Descendant Is Out To Stop A Centuries Old Curse In A&E’s ‘Cursed: The Bell Witch’

October 23, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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On October 26th A&E will air their special, ‘Cursed: The Bell Witch’. The special follows John Ceallach, a direct descendant of John Bell, connected to the legendary Bell Witch, the same witch that was the focus of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and  ‘An American Haunting’.

cursed 2

The legend goes that John Bell had a child out of wedlock with a witch named Kate Batts in the early 1800’s. It is believed that to silence his mistress, he murdered her. Before she drew her last breath she cursed the Bell family. The curse is said to affect the first born son of each generation. Each first born son either suffers from insanity or an early death.


cursed 4

John Bell


Since John Bell’s act five generations have suffered her curse. Ceallach has set out to find the truth behind the legend and snuff out the curse before his fourteen year old son becomes it’s next victim.

cursed 3


‘Cursed: The Bell Witch’ will premier on Monday, October 26th on A&E at 10/9c.

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