Scream Queen Adrienne Barbeau’s Love Bites Getting Adaption

October 29, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Director Harrison Smith, who regularly publishes articles on our site, heads the independent film department of Carolco Pictures along with actress Felissa Rose (Sleepaway camp). During the ‘Sleepaway Camp’ panel at the Rock and Shock convention in Massachusetts Rose revealed that she and Smith are working on a movie adaption of the 2010 novel ‘Love Bites’ by Scream Queen Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog,Tales of Halloween). Broke Horror Fan claimed an exclusive saying Rose mentioned that ‘Resident Evil’ actress Milla Javovich is in talks to possibly be the star of the adaption, but Smith would not confirm that when I asked about the statement. Harrison had this to say:

“The article on Milla was preemptive and assuming. We have a great director attached and will be announcing. Script will be in the hands of several known actresses, but I’m not confirming Milla. We hope for a January start date.”



In the novel, Detective Peter King of the LAPD finds himself caught in a supernatural underworld and in the company of a legendary 450 year old vampire who is the target of a serial killer. King can’t deny his attraction to the vampire, together the two must fight the killer and fight for their relationship.

love 1

Not only did Barbeau write ‘Love Bites’, she will be starring in the adaption along side Felissa Rose. Rose, Smith and Alex Bafer will be serving as producers.

collage_photocat love bites

Smith, Rose and Barbeau



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