Blumhouse Presents: ‘Fifteen’ The World’s First Live Periscope Horror Film

November 1, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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On October 29th (2015), ‘Fifteen’, the world’s first live horror film debuted. ‘Fifteen’ was broadcast using Twitter’s Periscope app. The film lasts exactly fifteen minutes, hence the name. ‘Fifteen’ was developed by director Michael Gavin Booth (The Scarehouse) and Ryan Turek of Blumhouse Productions. ‘Fifteen’ stars Neil Napier of ‘Helix’, Sarah Booth, Hannah Kat Jones, Paula Jean Hixson and Alastair James.

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‘Fifteen’ takes place on the night of October 29th. A serial killer, nicknamed “Truman”, is broadcasting his murderous rampage to the masses, via the Periscope app.  The killer’s next target is a house where two roommates are preparing for the Halloween party that they’re hosting. But tonight, he’s picked the wrong house to mess with.

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‘Fifteen’ was developed and rehearsed extensively over the past week. All of the action, stunts and special effects were in real time, with actors shooting the film with a smartphone. Gavin Michael Booth had this to say about the film:

“We set out to do something fresh, create a world first and here we are on the other side. For me, I like to do projects that excite me and bring a challenge, I mean, every film has its challenges big and small, but working on a project like ‘Fifteen’, I’m forced to be way outside my comfort zone. That makes me feel very much alive and the spirit of invention is thriving on a shoot like this.”

I love that people are still willing to push the envelope and bring us horror in new and exciting ways. Being able to read viewer’s reactions to the murders really drives home that the film is happening live and adds to the excitement. To the cast and crew I say “Bravo”.

We have ‘Fifteen’ (below) for those of you who missed it’s Periscope premiere, enjoy!

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