A Review Of Pay The Ghost Starring Nicolas Cage

December 26, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Director Uli Edel’s latest feature Pay the Ghost, starring Nicholas Cage, is now out on DVD. This weekend I put on PJs, got comfy and turned on the film, not knowing exactly what to expect. I mean, let’s be honest, Nicholas Cage’s films have a hit or miss reputation these days. The Walking Dead‘s Sarah Wayne Callies plays the role of Mike Lawford’s (Cage) in the film about a couple’s young son who goes missing on Halloween.


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Cage plays the role of Mike, a collage professor, who seems to miss most of his young son’s moments. On Halloween he’s to late to take his son trick ‘r treating. He manages to convince his wife to let him take his son to the Halloween carnival down the street. Just after the boy asks if he can “Pay the Ghost”, Mike turns his back for moment and his son disappears. Fast forward to a year later when he starts seeing visions of his son. He tells his estranged wife about the activity and together they learn of a legend about a witch who takes three children every Halloween. They only have days to save their son before he is lost forever.




The story itself was unique and interesting. The film is filled with action, it even made me jump once or twice, but the film relied way to much on “jump scares”, in my opinion. “Jump scares” frequently come off lazy when that’s the only kind of scares in a film. As for the CGI, it was great in the minor moments, however when it called for big moments and close up shots, it fell flat. Don’t get me wrong, Pay the Ghost wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great either.


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You can pick up your copy in stores and online now.

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