The First Teaser Trailer For The Second Half Of Season 6 Of The Walking Dead Is Here !

December 31, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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February 14th can’t get here fast enough for fans of The Walking Dead. That’s the day the mid-season premiere will take place and we will return to Alexandria to find out if Rick’s walker-camo passed the test and if Daryl, Abraham and Sasha will be able to get past Negan’s men on the highway.

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Most fans of the apocalyptic series will agree, the mid-season break is equal to torture (thanks a lot AMC). It’s true, the breaks serve a technical purpose, but that doesn’t make things any easier for us fans. AMC has now released the first teaser trailer for the second half of the season. That may help pass the time till the premiere, or make it worse, you be the judge.



In the teaser, it appears that all of the characters are in serious danger. And things will only get tougher as the season progresses. Let’s face it, if you know anything about the comics that the series is based on, you know what’s coming, Negan. For those of you who don’t know who Negan is, he’s a brutal, sadistic, charismatic man who caries a baseball bat wrapped in barbed-wire nicknamed “Lucille”.  And he’s going to arrive in the second of this season. This is also the time when AMC usually kills off at least one member of the group. I nominate Gabriel, Morgan or Ron (sorry, not sorry). Now, we just have to make it to Valentine’s Day.


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Negan will be played by Jeffery Dean Morgan. Morgan is most recognized for his role as Sam and Dean Winchester’s father on multiple seasons of Supernatural. Personally, I think he’s perfect for the role. I just wonder how the series will get around Negan’s frequent use of the word “fuck”, it being cable and all.

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